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Have you ever forgotten to give your pet his/her heartworm prevention?


We love our pets but If you are like me, we are so busy that we forget to give them their oral heartworm preventive on time, then we worry that they were probably exposed to heartworms while off the medication.

Were you aware that Zoetis created a product called Proheart6 18 years ago? This is an injection that lasts for 6 months and protects your pet against heartworms. Once administered, you only have to come in every 6 months for the administration of that shot and we will also send you a remainder.

You might be asking yourself, this product must be very expensive, well... it is not, to give you an example, for pets under 25 Lb it is only $38.00... For a limited time, we will be offering a free heartworm test and a deowormer (Nemex2) when you get a Proheart6 shot ($74 average value). Did I mention there is also a rebate?.... Yes, for your first shot, you will get a $5.00 rebate, and 6 months later when you come back for your second injection, you will get $10.00 more.

Save big with Zoetis and get peace of mind. Ask our Veterinarians if Proheart6 is a good fit for your pet. Physical exam must be current and a negative heartworm test is required to administer Proheart6. This offer is only valid at Town & Country West Veterinary Clinic, located at 1770 Powder Springs Rd. SW. Marietta, GA 30064. For more details, call us at 770-528-6363.

To learn more about Proheart6 click on the link below

About Proheart6

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