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Pet Grooming in Marietta, GA

No Pet is Too Dirty or Tangled for Our Groomer

Welcome to the Grooming and Bath Salon at Town & Country West Veterinary Clinic. We are proud to offer simply the finest pet grooming and salon bathing services in Cobb County! and because we are a full-service veterinary clinic, sedation grooming is also available to make the grooming less traumatic for your pet. 


Due to our groomer's limitations, grooming services are only available for pets under 26 lb. 

Cocker Spaniels
Benefits of Dog and Cat Grooming

Dog or cat grooming is the hygienic care and cleaning of your pet. Regular grooming can keep your pet's skin and coat healthy. The basic reason why grooming a pet is important is that the physical state of a pet influences the way they may feel, along with the way we look at our pets as well.

The time period between your pet's grooms depends on your pet's breed, age, and health. Some other benefits to grooming your pet on a regular basis are as follows.


  • Fewer Health Problems

Grooming regularly can help the groomer notice abnormalities in your pet's skin and coat, ears, teeth, and joints. Our groomers will call you with their concerns and ask you if you would like to see the veterinarian for that concern. One of the advantages of using Town & Country West Grooming Salon is when our groomers discover abnormalities, we can usually schedule an appointment with the veterinarian the same day as the groom.  A clean and well-maintained pet is a healthy and happy pet.

  • Good Behavior

Pet grooming can help with developing and encouraging good and favorable behavior while being groomed. Just like with other pet training, it takes regular grooming appointments, patience, and practice. We recommend that all puppies start training for grooming as early as 8 weeks. Your pet's behavior depends on how the groomer molds your pet into the grooming process. We take this very seriously and love to build and develop grooming training for your pet. Your pets will also love you in return because once they are trained in grooming, they will find it relaxing, soothing and they will be on their best behavior!

Commonly Asked Questions

How early can I drop-off my pet?

Drop off your pet on your way to work.

You can drop-off your pet beginning at 7 a.m. Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays.

Call us to make a reservation for grooming at 770-528-6363

Do you bathe or groom cats?

Yes, but keep in mind that we require all cats to be sedated.

Do you groom sedated pets?

Yes. The on-site veterinarians at Town & West Veterinary Clinic can sedate your pet so that it is a positive experience for all. With a good grooming or bathing experience, the pet may not have to be sedated in the future.

How much do you charge for a groom?

We charge by breed and condition of your pet but here are some basic prices you could use to have a better idea:






Special Shampoos, Tooth brushing, De-matting, Face trims, Hand Scissoring, Sanitary Trims and Express grooms are available for an additional fee. Feline Grooming available upon request at $100.00 starting price. A difficulty fee will be added to hard to groom pets. Call us at 770-528-6363 for more details.

All our grooms and bath include a bath with a hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner, nail trimming and dremeling, anal glands expression, ear cleaning, blow dry, basic brush out, cologne, and bandana at no additional price. 

How long will my grooming take?

We ask for at least four hours depending on the behavior, size, and coat of your pet.

Can my puppy be bathed or groomed?

Yes, we recommend you start grooming and bathing at eight weeks old. 

When do I need to have my dog groomed?

Every 4 - 6 weeks.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you must cancel an appointment please try to give us at least 24 hour notice to prevent our $53.00 No-show fee.

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