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ElleVet Sciences


What Makes ElleVet Different?

They are the leader in hemp for pets and have the only product with proven safety and proven efficacy in multiple clinical trials


Why ElleVet?

ElleVet conducted the first-ever clinical trial at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine on the use of CBD to support dogs with severe joint discomfort. Over 75% of these dogs responded with dramatic improvements – so much so that they could climb stairs, play, and enjoy their lives. Since then, they have successfully completed many other clinical trials, helped thousands of pets, and demonstrated success in supporting dogs with itching, seizures, stress, cognitive issues, and more.


Most of the most highly-regarded veterinarians in the world use ElleVet’s patented formula for their own pets and patients, we are ready to support all our clients!




Unmatched in Science, Efficacy, and Value



ElleVet products are backed by rigorous science and data. You can trust you are getting the highest quality and most effective hemp product available.



Our product has a high potency with 70mg of hemp extract per mL. Our higher concentration allows for convenient and economical administration, making ElleVet the most cost-effective product.



Every batch of hemp is tested multiple times for consistency and purity. We control our products’ entire lifecycle, from the farm to the end user.



Accurate administration is essential for success. Our administration instructions are specific to each support type and based on extensive metabolic studies.

CBD K9 Chews.jpg

ElleVet Hemp CBD + CBDA Soft Chews: ElleVet CBD + CBDA Soft Chews are a customer favorite! Chews are peanut butter flavored and contain our proprietary oil formulation, as well as added glucosamine and chondroitin. The chews are an easy way to give our product and are very well absorbed. Dogs love them and they are highly effective for joint discomfort, mobility, stress, skin, neuro, and cognitive support.

Each large dog soft chew contains 19.2mg of cannabinoids and each small dog soft chew contains 12.8mg of cannabinoids. Each bag contains 62 soft chews.

Calming Tins.jpg

ElleVet Calm & Comfort Chews: ElleVet Calm and Comfort maximum strength, situational use chews are an exciting addition to the ElleVet Family of Products.


Calm and Comfort is our only situational use product, meant for dogs who might not need daily stress support but need maximum support in certain situations.


Whether it be 4th of July fireworks or a long car ride, we have you covered!


Calm and Comfort is maximum strength and provides relief in 1.5-2 hours. For best results, give 1.5 hours before the trigger event. Calm and Comfort comes in a tin of 4 count. Each individually-wrapped Calm and Comfort soft chew contains 46 mg CBD + CBDA. Good for dogs over 5 lbs.

CBD OIL K9.jpeg

ElleVet Hemp CBD + CBDA Oil For Dogs: ElleVet CBD + CBDA Oil is our original product and the exact blend that is used in our clinical trials. Oils come in with a potency of 70mg/mL CBD + CBDA.


They include a syringe or dropper for precise administration, making them a great choice for dogs under 6 lbs. They are also the most economical choice for very large dogs. ElleVet oil can be given with food, administered directly in the mouth, or put in empty capsules that can be added to oil orders. Easy-use oral syringe or dropper included with every order.

CD Feline Paste.jpg

ElleVet Hemp CBD + CBDA Feline Paste: ElleVet’s Feline Complete Paste has been developed specifically for cats, in a chicken and pork flavor that cats love. Feline Paste works extremely well for mobility, stress and cognitive support and is the only feline CBD + CBDA product that has been proven safe in a long-term safety study.


The feline paste comes in an easy dial-a-dose syringe, and should be administered with a small amount of food or a treat to help with absorption. Each box contains two syringes (300mg cannabinoids per syringe); each gram contains 10mg of cannabinoids. Cats have very few options for safe and effective relief – we can’t wait for your cat to try the paste and to feel like a kitten again!

CBD Feline Oil.jpg

ElleVet Hemp CBD + CBDA Feline Oil: ElleVet Feline Oil is a remarkably effective product for cats, and we are proud to have conducted a long-term safety study to ensure that our product is safe for cats. We learned in our metabolic testing that cats require a higher amount of CBD + CBDA per kg than dogs, so while the oil in our feline product is the same as the oil for dogs, the administration is specific for cats. Cats respond incredibly well to our complete spectrum CBD + CBDA oil. Feline oil has a potency of 70 mg/mL CBD + CBDA. Easy use oral syringe included in every order. You may also choose to add empty capsules to your order to make the oil more palatable and easier to administer by hiding it in a treat.

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Unlocking the Benefits: Schedule a Consultation with Our Veterinarians Today!

To delve deeper into how these supplements can benefit your pet, feel free to reach out and schedule a consultation with one of our experienced veterinarians at Town & Country West Veterinary Clinic.

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